Stor-It-All Cabinet Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Stor-It-All multipurpose cabinet assembly

  • Marker

  • Drill bit

  • Drill

  • Screw gun

Stor-It-All cabinets are multipurpose utility cabinets with adjustable shelves. They're suited to installation in a garage, an attic, a basement or inside the home in a space such as a laundry room or mud room. These cabinets come preassembled and ready to hang on any wall. You can fit these storage units above existing counters or next to other cabinetry to add storage space. Installation is simple; you can do it in a snap.


Step 1

Remove the Stor-It-All cabinet assembly from the packaging. Take out the cabinet and the hanging hardware and place it near where you will be mounting the wall storage unit.

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Step 2

Hold the brackets against the wall and mark the location of the rackets' predrilled holes on the wall, using a marker. Set the brackets aside momentarily.

Step 3

Fit an appropriately sized drill bit into a drill and tighten the chuck. Use a bit suitable for the wall material: a wood bit for wood-framed walls and a masonry bit for concrete or cinder block walls.

Step 4

Drill pilot holes into the wall through the marked spots.


Step 5

Pick up the wall anchors included with the Stor-It-All cabinet assembly and insert them into the pilot holes.

Step 6

Fit the bracket over the pilot holes and fasten the brackets to the wall with the screws that came with your Stor-It-All cabinet, using a screw gun.

Step 7

Hang your Stor-It-All cabinet on the brackets to finish the installation.


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