How to Make a DIY "Scream" Costume

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Make your own Ghostface costume mask and robe for Halloween with the look made famous by the ​Scream​ horror movie series. Inspired by an extremely well-known scary movie, this is a simple Halloween costume idea. You can use household items and inexpensive craft materials to make it yourself.


Use images of the Ghostface mask as a reference while making it to ensure that it looks right and people won't have to ask you who you are. Find the items you'll need in places that sell craft supplies.

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Things You'll Need

  • White poster board

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Ghostface mask picture

  • Scissors

  • Utility knife

  • Black permanent marker or black acrylic paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Elastic cord

  • Black king-sized flat sheet

  • Safety pins

  • Belt

  • Black gloves

  • Plastic knife

Make the Scream halloween mask

Draw the Scream movie mask

Draw the Ghostface mask on a large white sheet of poster board using a ruler. Make sure the measurements of the mask are 9 inches wide by 12 inches long, so the mask will cover your face. Look at a picture of the mask to get the look and proportions correct.

Add the downward curved, slightly open eyes near the top edge. Make the nose a small upward-curved opening and draw a long mouth that tapers slightly at the bottom.

Cut out the mask

Cut out the edges of the mask from the poster board. Use a utility knife to cut out small slits inside the lines of the eyes, so you will be able to see out of the mask. Cut a small opening in the middle of the nose, so you can breathe.


Blacken the facial features

Color the mouth, eyes and nose with a black permanent marker or black acrylic paint and a paintbrush. Wait 5 minutes for the marker to dry and at least 30 minutes for the paint to dry.


Attach the elastic cord

Poke holes through the side edges of the mask. Measure and cut a 9-inch piece of elastic cord and tie the ends to the holes, so the mask will stay in place snugly on your head.

Make the Ghostface robe

Create the robe hood

Drape a king-sized black bedsheet over your back and over your head to form a hood. Secure the sides of the sheet under your chin with a safety pin to secure the hood.


Drape, wrap and secure the robe

Close the edges of the sheet around your front and secure it around your waist with a belt. Pull the sides out from the belt under your arms to form the draping sleeves of the costume. Cut a jagged line along the edges of the bottom of the sleeves.


Finish the Scream robe

Cut a jagged line along the edges of the bottom of the sleeves. Pin the edges together below the belt to secure the rest of the sheet together.

Accessorize your DIY Scream costume

Put on a pair of black gloves and pick up a plastic fake knife to complete your costume. Embellish the plastic knife with fake blood to increase the visual impact of the prop. Actually easy to throw together in a hurry, this get-up makes for an excellent last-minute Halloween costume for hi-jinks, a Halloween party or ghoulish cosplay.



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