How to Close a Skylight

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Things You'll Need

  • Step-stool

  • Skylight hook pole

Skylights are installed in residential homes to provide sunlight and warmth from the sun. These roof-mounted windows can be manufactured of wood, vinyl or metal. The panes are generally plexiglass, glass or stained glass. Some skylight units are modular, made of single construction, while others are comprised of a separate frame and window assembly. Skylights come in two types: those that are fixed closed and those that can be opened or closed.


Step 1

Place a step-stool underneath the skylight, and retrieve a skylight hook pole.

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Step 2

Look up to the skylight, and locate the hinge operating hook.

Step 3

Stand on the stool. Hook the hinge operating loop on the skylight with the hook pole, and turn the skylight pole counterclockwise to lower the window pane.


Step 4

Continue to turn the skylight hook pole counterclockwise until the skylight closes tightly shut.

Step 5

Remove the hook pole from the hinge on the skylight, and put the step-stool away.


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