How to Fix a Tear in a Raincoat

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Sewing needle

  • Thread

  • Cloth

  • Dishwasher soap

  • Clear sticky tape

  • Glue

When you raincoat develops a tear you literally have a chink in the armor you use to protect you from the elements. These are not hard to repair. Depending on the material, you can easily glue or sew the tear, restoring your raincoat to its former glory.


Step 1

Soak a cloth in water and add about 3 drops of dishwasher soap. Use it to clean the section of the raincoat with the tear.

Step 2

Run some cold water from the tap and put the raincoat underneath to rinse the section.

Step 3

Push the two sides of the tear together so the edges align. Hold them together by attaching a strip of clear tape.

Step 4

Turn the coat inside out.

Step 5

Apply rubber glue to the inside of the tear if you are fixing a rubber raincoat. For other materials, find out the correct glue to use at a sewing supply store.

Step 6

Spread the glue using a spatula until it is a thin layer. By fixing the tear from the inside, any repairs become inconspicuous.

Step 7

Allow the glue to dry overnight.

Step 8

Remove the sticky tape.

Step 9

Gently pull on both sides of the damaged area to ensure the coat is fully repaired.


Step 1

Thread a sewing needle if you are using a material that cannot be glued, such as gabardine. Make sure the thread is roughly the same color as the coat.

Step 2

Turn the coat inside out and pull the material on both sides of the tear together.

Step 3

Sew the material together using small stitches as this makes the repair more discreet.

A Hole

Step 1

Acquire a patch of material which is the same kind and color as your coat if material has been ripped off while tearing your coat.

Step 2

Cut off the ragged edges in the hole and then turn the raincoat inside out.

Step 3

Trim down your patch to a size slightly larger than the hole.

Step 4

Position the patch over the hole and glue it place. If the material cannot be glued, then sew the patch to the coat.

Step 5

Allow the raincoat to dry overnight if you used glue.