How to Cook With the InfraChef Halogen Oven

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Things You'll Need

  • Food to be cooked

  • Halogen oven recipe

A chicken or roast can be cooked in one-third of its usual time.

While ovens have been used for centuries, slowly being refined in design and materials, in recent years, one source of heat has become prominent in counter-top ovens -- halogen. Utilizing the heat of a halogen bulb, the InfraChef halogen oven cooks food about three times faster than a conventional oven, and allows you to cook several courses at once.


Step 1

Ensure the glass bowl in which the food will be cooked is clean, on both the inside and outside. Insert it, open side upwards, into the base, with the two holders on either side.

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Step 2

Place the longest cooking food, such as a chicken or a roast, in the bottom of the bowl.

Step 3

Set the higher rack above the longest-cooking or largest food item, if there is room, and place the other items that are to be slightly steamed or cooked for a lesser amount of time, such as vegetables, on the rack. If there is not enough room for a rack above the food item, place the vegetables or other sides, on the lower rack surrounding the larger food item.


Step 4

Place the lid on top of the bowl, ensuring that it is snug. Plug in the oven.

Step 5

Set the dials to the time, on the left dial, and temperature, on the right dial, called for in the recipe.

Step 6

Place the lid in the lid stand using the handle when the food is finished. Remove the food using the tongs.


A variety of foods can be cooked in the oven.


Always ensure you follow the safety instructions in the booklet included with the oven.


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