How to Make Decorations for a '50s Theme Party

The fifties were all about Be Bop music, black and white decor, hot pinks and turquoise blues. With the birth of rock 'n' roll, all the cool kids were drinking foamy soda fountain drinks and dancing in black leather jackets and pink poodle skirts. Another important part of the '50s party scene was driving a large, bright-colored automobile, preferably a convertible. So if you are going to throw a '50s theme party, you'll need to incorporate these elements into your decorations.

Things You'll Need

  • Old records

  • Printer

  • Cardboard

  • Tape

  • Thumb tacks

  • Pink yarn

  • Scissors

  • White glue

  • Pink tissues


Step 1

Obtain some classic records from a vintage store.

Step 2

Remove the album cover. Tape the album cover to the wall. Because these are classics, protect the cover. To tape the covers to the wall without harming them, cut two long pieces of tape, one 4 inches shorter than the other. Place the shorter piece in the center of the longer piece, sticky sides together. Turn the album cover so one corner points toward the ground and place the tape across the bottom third, touching only the wall with the sticky part. Put another, similar piece across the top of the album.

Step 3

Thread a pink piece of yarn through the hole in the center of the record and tie it into a bow. Stick a thumbtack through the end of the yarn and into the wall to hang the record.


Step 1

Print out pictures of classic convertible cars that you can find on the Internet. You also might be able to pick decals up from a craft store.

Step 2

Cut the background away from the car print, leaving only the car or any other fifties elements you found.

Step 3

Put the print on a thin piece of cardboard, such as from an empty cereal box. Draw the outline onto the cardboard. Cut out the cardboard silhouette. Glue the print to the cardboard with white glue.

Step 4

Cut an additional triangle out of the cardboard slightly smaller than the height of the car print. Bend one-third of one side of the triangle and glue it to the center of the back of the cardboard. This creates a support tab so the cardboard car will stand upright on its own.

Pink Pom Poms

Step 1

Place four tissues flat on the table, stacked on top of each other.

Step 2

Fanfold the tissues. Tie the folded tissues in the middle with a piece of yarn.

Step 3

Spread the layers of tissue apart, pulling one outside layer in one direction and the next in the other direction. Fluff the tissue into a pom pom shape and place it on tables for a centerpiece or tape to the walls.


Use black and white checkered tablecloths to get that fifties feel. Things like sundae glasses and hula hoops placed around the room also add to the ambiance. Add a Marilyn Monroe poster to the wall decorations.