How to Create a Photo Mug

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Things You'll Need

  • White ceramic mug

  • Transfer paper

  • Photo

  • Scissors

  • Color copier

  • Bowl of water

  • Oven

How to Create a Photo Mug. A personalized photo mug is a wonderful way to make someone feel special. You can honor a wonderful grandfather with a photo mug of his grand kids, give your spouse a reminder of your wedding or give your child's teacher a mug with all the kids "mugs" on it. A photo mug captures a moment, to be cherished forever. Here's how to make one.


Step 1

Buy a plain white ceramic mug. Look for one with a smooth surface, free of ridges.

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Step 2

Purchase transfer paper. Most craft and paper supply stores sell packages. You get 3 sheets per package for about $5.


Step 3

Pick out a photo. Whether it's from your recent vacation, wedding or maybe a great picture of the kids, choose the one you want to adorn the mug.

Step 4

Use a color copier to transfer the photo to the transfer paper. Follow the package instructions on how to make a decal.


Step 5

Trim around the photo to make it fit on the mug. Hold it up to the mug to determine what size the photo needs to be.

Step 6

Soak the decal in a bowl of water. This will loosen the image. Take the backing off the photo and stick the printed side to the mug.


Step 7

Bake the mug in an oven until the image hardens. Follow the instructions on the package.

Step 8

Allow the mug to cool. Wrap it up and present the gift.


You can also order a photo mug from a photo developing company.


Be careful taking the mug out of the oven. It'll be hot. Supervise children around the oven.


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