How to Move Food to a New Fridge

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Store food properly in your refrigerator to prevent spoiling.

After purchasing a new refrigerator, adjust the temperature to the proper setting before adding food. Setting the temperature and allowing the unit to cool down as recommended prevents food from spoiling after you transfer the items from an old refrigerator. Once the refrigerator is at the ideal temperature setting, add food into the sections within the unit to keep food fresh until you need it. Certain locations within the refrigerator are better than others when storing various food items.


Step 1

Plug the refrigerator into the nearest electrical outlet. The factory default setting is usually on the middle of a given range (1 through 5 or 9), depending on the manufacturer. According to the Appliance Outlet website, you can start your temperature setting on a 3 (with the 1 through 5 setting) or on a 4 (with the 1 through 9 setting).


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Step 2

Wait 24 hours after the temperature change before adding food or changing the temperature again, if needed. Move the dial counter-clockwise to lower the cooling or clockwise to increase cooling. With each further temperature adjustment, wait an additional 24 hours before adding food into the refrigerator.


Step 3

Place fruit and non-leafy vegetables on the highest shelf in the refrigerator, which contains ideal temperatures for the items and keeps them easy to reach and in proper view.

Step 4

Place meat on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator. This is the coldest location in the unit and the most sanitary, since any drips from the package will be confined to the lowest shelf. Also place milk and eggs on the lowest shelf, since the temperature fluctuates too much on shelves within the door for these sensitive food items.



Step 5

Place leafy vegetables in a crisper drawer, which locks in humidity and prevents vegetables from wilting or spoiling. Fruits may also be placed in the second crisper drawer, if desired.

Step 6

Store condiments and juice in the refrigerator door. Fluctuating temperatures will not cause spoiling due to the number of preservatives within these products.




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