Other Uses for Sunlight Liquid Dishwashing Detergent

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Use your Sunlight dishwasher detergent for alternative purposes.

Sunlight liquid dish detergent helps you properly clean dishes when using your dishwasher. Due to its similarity to soap, the detergent provides many other possible uses, such as fruit washing, repelling insects and cleaning carpets. In a pinch, you can substitute Sunlight detergent for soap on hard surfaces like tile.



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You can wash your fruit with a speciality fruit rinse instead of using only water. If you do not want to purchase a special cleaning solution, wash your fruit with Sunlight liquid dishwashing detergent. Mix a few drops of detergent with warm water, and dip fruit in the solution. Rub the skin of the fruit, and rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

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Pest Control

Instead of using bug sprays with poisons, use Sunlight detergent to keep pests out of your gardens. Mix about 1 tbsp. of detergent with around 1 gallon of water, and fill a spray bottle with the mixture. Spray the plants in your garden with the mixture once a week. Like most pest control solutions, this kills both harmful and beneficial insects.


Cleaning Carpets

Clean your carpet using Sunlight dishwashing detergent instead of using a spray cleaner. Boil about 2 cups of water, and add 1/2 cup of Sunlight to the mixture. Remove the mixture from heat. Whip the mixture using an egg beater or electric mixer, and apply it to your carpet using a sponge. Though this cleans carpets, it fails to remove substantial stains.



By adding Sunlight soap to your laundry, you boost the cleaning power of the laundry detergent. Dissolve 3 tbsp. of detergent in boiling water, and pour the mixture into your laundry machine in addition to half the usual amount the laundry detergent. Adding Sunlight detergent to laundry increases the risk of staining or bleaching clothes. Test the mixture on old clothes, towels or rags to avoid accidentally ruining a favorite article of clothing. Since Sunlight detergent is designed for sensitive skin, it is unlikely to lead to itching or discomfort.


Soaking Dishes

If your pots, pans, bowls or cups refuse to release the food stuck to them during the dishwashing cycle, soak them in the sink. Pour 3 squirts of detergent into a plugged sink as you run the hot water. Add the dishes to the sink and allow the sink to fill about two-thirds of the way with hot water. Soak the dishes until the water reaches room temperature. After soaking, run the dishes through the dishwasher a second time using the appropriate amount of detergent. Avoid soaking the dishes for more than a few hours or the water may eat away at the metal.



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