How to Make a Toadette Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Pink dress

  • Tape measure

  • Scissors

  • White ribbon

  • Glue gun

  • Glue

  • Orange vest

  • Gold ribbon

  • Chef's hat

  • Fabric dye

  • Elastic

  • White felt

  • Styrofoam balls

  • Spray paint

  • Floral wire

  • Needle

  • Thread

Toadette broke out in the Mario scene in 2003 in Nintendo Gamecube's "Mario Kart: Double Dash," finally providing a female version of a Toad character. This spunky character from the Mushroom kingdom is known for her feminine appearance. To recreate this look for a costume, you must start with the proper foundation and add the recognizable elements of her character, including two ponytails and the shroom hat.


Step 1

Place a pink dress on your work surface. The dress should be sleeveless and about knee-length. Cut the sleeves or bottom of the dress if it is too long. The dress should be a light pink, but darker than a pastel. You can use fabric dye to change the color of the dress if necessary.

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Step 2

Use a fabric tape measure to measure the bottom width of the dress near the edge of the dress's fabric. Cut white ribbon about 1 inch longer than this measurement. Use a hot glue gun and glue the ribbon all the way around the bottom of the dress to make the white trim. 1/2 inch of pink fabric from the dress should show through beneath the white trim.


Step 3

Make the vest. You can purchase a burnt orange vest for the costume, but you may be better off making your own. Use a pattern and stitch the vest together. The vest should not close and should not have any type of fasteners. A couple of inches should be left open between the two sides of the vest.


Step 4

Measure the side of the vest where the opening is. Cut out two strips of 1-inch-thick gold ribbon at an equal measurement. Glue the ribbon to each side of the vest to make the trim.

Step 5

Measure the bottom of the vest. Cut out one long strip of 1-inch-thick gold ribbon at an equal measurement. Glue the ribbon all the way around the bottom of the vest until it completely extends to the other side. Your vest should now be burnt orange with gold trim around the sides and bottom.


Step 6

Dye a chef's hat. Use the same color for the hat as you have for your dress. Repeat the dying process as many times as necessary until you achieve the correct color.

Step 7

Fold the bottom part of the hat in half. Insert elastic inside the bottom of the hat. Stuff the top of the hat with batting. Reposition the batting until you achieve the fullness of the mushroom hat. Sew the bottom of the hat.


Step 8

Trace 3-inch-diameter circles onto white felt. Cut out the circles. Glue the circles all over the pink hat, leaving at least an inch between each circle.

Step 9

Place six Styrofoam balls on your work surface. Two should be larger than the others. Spray paint them pink. Glue white felt circles to the two large balls.


Step 10

Insert a floral wire between three Styrofoam balls. The bottom ball should be the larger one and the top two balls should be the same size. Hand sew the floral wire to one side of the hat. Repeat for the other side of the hat. You now have Toadette's signature ponytails.



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