How to Make a Princess Fiona Costume at Home From Home Supplies

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Things You'll Need

  • Green dress

  • Green skirt and top (optional)

  • Green fabric (optional)

  • Green gloves

  • Gold ribbon

  • Fabric glue

  • Green face paint (optional)

  • Red hair spray color

  • Wire coat hanger

  • Aluminum foil

  • Green felt, craft foam or ribbon

  • Beads, sequins, buttons, metal beer caps, candy wrappers

  • Bobby pins

Search for green items of clothing to base your costume on.

Princess Fiona is the lovable princess from the Disney "Shrek" movie series. Human by day and ogress by night, her look is characterized by a green princess-style dress, and her long, red hair which she wears in a braid. This basic costume is simple to put together from items you have at home. The decision to go in human or ogre form may depend on whether or not you have green face paint available.


Step 1

Search your closet for any green items of clothing that you can use or adapt for a costume. Princess Fiona wears a long, green dress with long sleeves, but any color dress will work, especially if you are planning to paint your face green. Alternatively, wear a green top and skirt. Anything pretty and princess-like will work.


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Step 2

Wear green tights if you have them and green shoes. Alternatively, cover shoes with green felt or fabric. Wear green gloves or cover your hands with green face paint.

Step 3

For an instantly recognizable Princess Fiona costume, paint your face with green face paint. Apply the paint with a soft makeup sponge. Moisten the sponge with water then load it with green face paint. Apply the paint in smooth even strokes. Cover your whole face and the front of your neck and chest.


Step 4

Make ears and a tiara from a wire coat hanger. Untwist the hanger so you have one long length of wire. Working from one end, make an ear shape, then bend the wire to several points for the tiara in between, then finish with the other ear shape. Curve the whole structure so it will fit on the top of your head.


Step 5

Decorate the tiara with aluminum foil. Cut out shapes and stick them on or make twists of aluminum around the wire frame. Glue on beads, sequins or any other embellishments you may have. Buttons, metal beer caps or candy wrappers would work. Cover the ear shapes with green felt, craft foam or ribbon.


Step 6

Princess Fiona has long, red hair worn in a braid. Spray your hair red, or make a wig from long strips of red fabric. Glue them to a shower cap or swimming hat and braid them on one side. Add the tiara and ears on top. Pin it in place with bobby pins.


Do not apply face paint to broken or sensitive skin.



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