How to Fix a Run in Chiffon

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Be careful with your chiffons to avoid runs.

Chiffon is a delicate fabric with an elegant drape and a filmy texture. It is a common fabric in wedding dresses and other formal attire, but its fragile nature means it is prone to runs. To avoid runs, wear smooth jewelry and be careful when wearing chiffon. Sometimes, however, runs are unavoidable. If you notice a run in your chiffon garment, take steps to rectify it immediately.


Step 1

Grasp the chiffon on either side of the run.

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Step 2

Pull back and forth gently. If the run is mild, it may straighten itself out.

Step 3

Slide your thumb in the direction of the run, from the bottom of the snag up to the wider part where the run originated.

Step 4

Look for any loose threads standing out from the run.

Step 5

Push a fine needle through the snag and gently tug any loose threads to the back.

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