How to Reheat Rice in a Microwave

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Things You'll Need

  • Rice

  • Microwaveable bowl with lid

  • Water

  • Measuring spoon

Rice is a food staple that is easy to reheat and provides you with fiber.

Rice is a versatile side dish that often accompanies a wide array of main courses. It provides a solid number of carbohydrates to help balance dishes heavy on protein, while whole-grain rice fills you up without filling you out. Rice is a cost-effective side dish that preserves well when frozen properly, and it easily picks up the flavor of sauces it is served with. Prepare a quick meal by cooking chicken or steak and serving it with re-heated rice.


Step 1

Place pre-cooked rice in a microwavable container. Add 2 tbsp. of water for every cup of rice you plan to reheat.

Step 2

Secure the lid on top of the container. Place the container in the microwave.

Step 3

Set the timer for 30 seconds for 1 c. of rice and adjust the time accordingly based on how much rice you cook. For example, if you are reheating 5 c. of rice, set the timer for two minutes and 30 seconds.


Step 4

Check the cooking percentage on your microwave. If it is set at 100 percent, press the "Cooking Power" button and change it to 50 percent.

Step 5

Press the "Start" button. Allow the rice to cook for the allotted time. Remove the rice from the microwave and set it aside.

Step 6

Allow the rice to cool for a few minutes before opening the lid of the container. When you open the lid, open the side farthest away from you. This allows the hot water and steam to escape away from you.


You can use chicken stock, instant gravy or any other flavored sauce in place of water. The flavor from the liquid gives the rice additional flavor.

According to, you can keep cooked rice in the freezer for up to six months.

Reducing the heat level of the microwave helps ensure you will not overcook it. suggests wrapping pasta or rice in a damp paper towel and reheating it in the microwave. The paper towel helps to steam the pasta or rice and make them moist.


Use potholders or oven mitts when removing hot items from a microwave.