How to Dress Up Like 'Charlotte's Web' Characters

Face-painting enhances a Templeton the rat costume.
Face-painting enhances a Templeton the rat costume. (Image: Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images)

“Charlotte’s Web” is a children's book about friendship told through a set of strong characters -- a young girl, a pig, a rat and a spider. Fern is Wilbur’s friend, a farm girl. Wilbur is a small pig, Templeton is a devious rat and Charlotte, whose web gives the book its name, is a beautiful spider. Dressing up as these characters is as easy as gathering a few supplies.

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Fern the Farm Girl

Wear a plaid shirt.

Don a pair of jeans or overalls.

Add work boots caked in some dirt to complete the look.

Wilbur the Pig

Dress in a pink hooded sweat suit.

Attach pig ears cut from pink felt to the hood.

Create a curly tail out of a pipe cleaner wrapped in pink elastic fabric and stuffed with cotton balls.

Templeton the Rat

Paint your nose with black makeup and paint on black whiskers.

Add a gray sweat suit, pink or white gloves, and a tail made of a rope.

Attach rat ears cut from gray felt to the hood.

Charlotte the Spider

Wear a black sweat suit.

Stuff two pairs of black tights to create four spider legs.

Attach the tights to the sweatshirt so that two legs stick out from either side.


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