What Happens if You Put a ShamWow in the Dryer?

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Avoid machine drying the ShamWow towel.

The ShamWow towel is an artificial chamois with the ability to soak up more water than a standard towel. ShamWow differs from a leather chamois in that it remains soft after it dries. Proper care when washing and drying the towel will increase the lifespan and protect the absorption properties.



ShamWow is a specially woven rayon-type towel. The special manufacturing process increases the absorption ability of the fibers. The towel is able to wipe up spills and pull moisture out of items, such as carpet, in both a dry and wet stage.


The ShamWow instructions on the product packaging list the towel as machine washable in warm water. You can add bleach to the wash if the towel requires disinfecting or extra cleaning power. Follow the bleach instructions on the bottle to prevent over-bleaching and damaging the fabric.



ShamWow does not recommend drying the towel in a machine dryer. This could cause the fibers to shrink and cause damage that prevents the towel from performing as expected for liquid absorption. Hang dry a wet or freshly washed ShamWow to let it air-dry naturally.