The Ratio of Garland to the Size of a Christmas Tree

Garlands are common Christmas tree decorations.

People trim Christmas trees with various ornaments and decorations that typically reflect a combination of family traditions and personal taste. Garlands are popular adornments whose lengths are determined by the size of the tree.

Length Guidelines

Allow 9 to 10 ft. of garland per foot of the tree's height. For instance, a 7 ft. tall tree would require between 63 and 70 ft. of garland.


Garlands on smaller trees are typically wound around it in a loose fashion that follows the natural flow of the branches. On large trees, the garland is often draped in deep, even curves around the trees' perimeter. Start the garland at the top of the tree and work down to the bottom in an even pattern.

Order of Decorations

After the Christmas tree is securely placed in its stand or on the floor, if using strings of lights, arrange them evenly, circling the tree from top to bottom. Proceed with placement of the garland. Finally, place the ornaments on the tree, along with a tree top decoration.