The Ratio of Garland to the Size of a Christmas Tree

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Garlands are common Christmas tree decorations.
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Every true Christmas fanatic knows that decorating the tree – the piece de resistance – is not only an art but also a science. All of the decorations must be perfect, which is why you need a reliable method to determine garland length. It can be tricky to figure out what length garland you need for different-sized trees, but you can lean on your math skills for assistance. With a bit of planning and some other tried-and-true tree trimming tricks, you can look forward to the perfect holiday centerpiece.


Christmas Tree Garland Length Calculator

You can use a simple and easy ratio to determine how much garland you need. For every foot in height of your tree, you need approximately 9 feet of garland. If your tree is very full or you want the garland to be particularly thick and prominent on the tree, then go with 10 feet instead. You should also use 10 feet of garland if your tree is very bushy.


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That means that for a 6-foot tree, you need between 54 and 60 feet of garland depending on the fullness of the tree. For a 7-foot tree, you need between 63 and 70 feet of garland. It sounds like a lot, but you need it to go all the way around the tree several times to provide a beautiful backdrop for the rest of your decorations. You'd be surprised how quickly garland lengths run out when you are draping it on your tree.


You can use the same rule of thumb for decorating Christmas wreaths. You just need to find the circumference of the wreath in feet and then multiply by either nine or 10 depending on how prominent you want the garland to appear.

What About Lights?

There is a similar method to figuring out how many lights you need for your tree, but instead of multiplying by the length, you'll multiply by the number of lights. If you want an average amount of lights on your tree, you need about 100 lights for every 1.5 feet of tree height. If you want your tree to be exceptionally bright, go with 100 lights for every foot.


You should be able to quickly find the number of lights per strand on the outside of the box for the product. If you're working with an old string of lights and no longer have the box, you can estimate the number of lights. Measure a foot and count how many lights are on it.

There's one light for every 4 inches on many standard strings, so that would mean three lights per foot. Measure or estimate the number of feet of the strand and then multiply the number of feet by the number of lights per foot.


How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Once you have your garland and lights hung, you'll need to decorate the tree in a tasteful way that doesn't interfere with either. Believe it or not, there is an ideal order in which to add your garland, lights and decorations. First and foremost, position the tree where you plan to keep it so you can be sure that ornaments that are important to you will appear in the front.


Once the tree is securely placed, add the lights. It can help to have the lights plugged in and aglow so you can see the overall effect as you work. Next, add the garland, winding it in and out of the branches. Finally, add your ornaments. As you do so, take frequent steps back from the tree and look at it from different angles and places in the room. That way, you can have an idea of the overall look and feel of the tree and make adjustments accordingly.


Having the perfect tree is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays, but nothing is more important than enjoying Christmas with your loved ones. Let your gorgeous tree be the centerpiece of joyful gatherings.



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