What Meat Is Best Substituted for Lamb?

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Lamb meat comes from young sheep less than 1 year old. The meat is considered mild in flavor. For this reason, lamb meat can be replaced in a dish, especially in those dishes that use traditional lamb seasonings.

Goat Meat

Goat is an acceptable lamb substitute since collagen from the bones thickens and adds a "gamy" flavor to soups and stews. Another benefit of goat meat is that it contains less cholesterol than lamb or beef.


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George Erdosh of "Backwoods Home Magazine" says that beef can be added to lamb stew without altering the flavor. Beef shanks can be used in recipes that call for lamb shanks. Beef must be braised longer because the meat is tougher than lamb.


Pork can be used as a lamb substitute in traditional Greek kabobs. The meat, seasoned with garlic, oregano, lemon and pepper, provides a similar flavor. Lamb and pork contain roughly the same number of calories per serving.


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