How Long Does It Take to Smoke a 7.5 Lb Pork Butt?

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A pork butt is one of the most common cuts of meat used in making barbecue. The meat is typically spiced and cooked in a smoker and can be pulled or chopped to make sandwiches. A pork butt is a common and not too expensive cut of meat but can take some time to prepare.

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Smoking meat is done at a lower temperature than other types of meat preparation. A smoker should be between 200 and 225 degrees for optimal smoking. A slightly cooler cooking temperature will make the meat more sliceable and a warmer cooking temperature will make the meat have a more of a fall-apart quality.

Time Guidelines

A 7.5 pound pork butt can be cooked from 6 to 10 hours, depending on smoker temperature. Professional barbecue cook Danny Gaulden suggests cooking the pork butt for about 70 minutes per pound of meat at 225 degrees.

Check Meat Temperature

The internal temperature of the pork butt should be between 140 and 160 degrees when it is fully cooked. The temperature should be checked using a meat thermometer. Check the meat in several places to make sure it is fully cooked.


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