An Almond Flour Substitute

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Almond flour can be made at home by grinding dry, roasted almonds.

Almond flour is made from finely ground and blanched almonds. It can be used to coat meats and to make baked goods, and is a popular ingredient used in gluten-free and low glycemic index diets.


Almond Meal

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Almond meal is similar to almond flour, but is not ground quite so finely. Depending on the use, almond meal can be an excellent alternative to almond flour. Using almond meal will produce foods with the intended almond flavor, but with increased moistness and a slightly coarser texture.

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Nut Flours

There are several different types of nut flours that can be easily substituted for the almond flour. Chestnut, hazelnut, pecan, walnut and peanut flours are available at certain gourmet stores, or can be easily prepared at home by grinding the nuts in a nut mill, coffee grinder or food processor.


Wheat Flour

Depending on the intended use of the almond flour, there are several other substitution options. If the almond flour is being used to produce baked goods, then all-purpose, pastry or bread flours can be used instead. Almond flour, as opposed to wheat flour, contains no gluten and is used in baked goods solely for flavor and texture.



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