Wording for Family Reunion Thank You Notes

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Activities, food and a comfortable setting are important for a family reunion.

A family reunion requires a great deal of planning, communication and labor for a successful event. Show appreciation by sending thank you notes to family members who hosted the latest reunion in your family.


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Write a personal thank you note to the family members who were the hosts of the event. Word the letter in a personal manner by saying. "Thank you for opening up and sharing your home with the family this year. We appreciate everything that was done to make us feel welcome."


Family Displays

Show appreciation for special displays that a family member provided. Use wording such as, "Thank you for providing the photos, memorabilia or the video for the family reunion. We realize the amount of work that you must have put into this wonderful project and we can't thank you enough for doing this for the entire family."



Be sure to thank the family member who arranged for family photos to be taken or created a memorable item for family members to take home from the event. Write "Thank you for the family photo, T-shirt or item that will be a treasured reminder of the great time we had at the family reunion. It is so thoughtful of you."


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