What Is the Proper Height for a Bedside Lamp?

Bedside lamps are an alternative and convenient way to provide light in your bedroom. Achieving the proper height of your bedside lamp will improve the overall appearance and atmosphere of your room.

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Nightstand Height

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William Miller Design suggests that if your nightstand stands 24 to 30 inches tall, choose a bedside lamp at least 27 to 32 inches tall. Nightstands around 18 to 20 inches require a taller lamp to compensate.

Bedroom Size

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Achieve balance in a large bedroom with a large bedside lamp. Smaller rooms become overwhelmed with a large lamp, so LewisLightingandHome.com recommends a small bedside lamp to achieve a cozy, warm feel.

Aesthetic Features

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The look you want for your bedroom may help you decide which size bedside lamp to choose. A modern decor looks best with a lamp over-scaled in comparison to the height of the table you place it on. A traditional style would pair a smaller lamp with a larger nightstand, William Miller Design points out.

Additional Tips

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When you sit up in bed, the bottom of the lamp shade should reach at eye level, with the light should shining on your lap, not your eyes, advises the Home Decorating Ideas website.

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