What Is a Torx Screwdriver?

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Torx bits

Torx screwdrivers are designed to remove Torx screws. Torx rhymes with "forks." Torx screws are designed to be tamper resistant and are used on automobile components, bicycles, computers and other things to which manufacturers want to limit consumer access.



Since Torx drivers were uncommon early on, Torx screws were initially used to prevent consumers from disassembling certain devices. However, today they can be purchased at local hardware or automobile parts stores and ordered online.


Torx screws are threaded like a standard screw, but instead of being slotted like a regular or Phillips-headed screw they have a six-pointed star-shaped indention in the head of the screw.



Torx screwdrivers, or simply Torx drivers, come in sizes from Torx 1 through Torx 100; the measurement is usually abbreviated as T1, T2 and so forth. T1 is the smallest, and the Torx slot measures 0.031 inch; T100 is the largest, measuring 0.871 inch.


While you can purchase individual Torx screwdrivers, it is often less expensive to purchase a Torx driver kit. Torx kits usually come with a screwdriver-type handle and an assortment of bits that cover the most common Torx screw sizes.



Since Torx drivers are now easy to purchase, some manufacturers use tamperproof Torx screws. These screws are the same shape and sizes as regular Torx screws, but they have a post protruding from the middle of the Torx slot to prevent anyone from inserting a regular Torx bit into the screw and removing it.