What Is a Dry Bar?

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When furnishing a home, there are a number of fun items that can add pizazz to areas where you plan on entertaining. A dry bar is a popular and inexpensive piece that can transform a room or patio into an improved party space.


What It Is

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A dry bar is a piece of furniture designed to hold barware, bottles and other accessories such as cocktail napkins or appetizer plates. It is usually about counter-height, to facilitate the preparation of drinks. Some dry bars may be built into a room, with more elaborate ones including shelves, wine racks or even a mini-fridge. There are many ways to customize a home bar.

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What It Isn't

The difference between a dry bar and a wet bar is simple--wet bars have a sink. The absence of a sink in the dry bar makes it less expensive and eliminates any concerns about finding the right spot where you can hook it up. A simple dry bar can be placed anywhere.


A Versatile Piece

As a home furnishing, a dry bar can be very useful when not in use as a bar. Many dining room sets have matching pieces that could be used as a buffet when serving large groups or for storing china. In a foyer, the same piece of furniture can serve as valuable counter space for picture frames or decorative objects.


When Entertaining

The dry bar provides guests with an easily accessible spot to prepare drinks, without having to search your kitchen for tools or ingredients. This can be a great asset for hosts who do not want guests rooting through their drawers and cabinets.



When stocking your dry bar, you may want to consider including the following tools: wine key wine aerator bottle, opener ice bucket, ice tongs, coasters, napkins, toothpicks, glass charms, cocktail umbrellas or decorations and ash trays.



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