What Is Filet of Sole?

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A sole is a type of fish that is scientifically referred to as Limanda Aspera. The sole is known to live for a relatively long time and grows very slowly.


A filet of sole refers to the piece of meat that is cut from the bones in order to be consumed. Depending on the size of the fish, a filet of sole can be for one person or can feed several.


The sole is usually found in the Cook Inlet and Prince William Sound in Alaska. While this is true they can be found in many other cold water locations.


The sole is a bottom-feeding fish, much like the monkfish and the cod. Sole's are also considered flatfish, which means that their eyes are located on the right and left side of their head.


The sole is one of the many victims of overfishing. The population came to dangerously low numbers in the early 1980's, and since then legislation has appeared that is aimed at protecting the sole population.

Fun Fact

Female sole's are capable of producing one to three million eggs in their mature life span. Female sole's reach maturity when they are 10 years old and thirty centimeters long.