What Are Egg Cartons Made Out Of?

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Egg cartons are made of different materials.

According to the Egg Nutrition Center, egg cartons come in a variety of materials, including cardboard or paper, plastic and plastic foam. The type of packaging depends on the manufacturer and does not have any bearing on how eggs taste.



Egg cartons are used to keep eggs separated and protected on their route from the factory to your refrigerator.

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Egg cartons are most commonly found made out of cardboard or foam but are sometimes made of plastic. The type of packaging depends on the manufacturer, and has no bearing on the taste or type of egg.


Cardboard or Pressed Paper

Pressed cardboard is a common form of egg carton. These cartons hold six to several dozen eggs. They are sometimes perforated in the middle to allow a dozen eggs to be separated into two half-dozen containers. These cartons are often made using recycled paper or newsprint.


Plastic foam

Plastic foam is also a very popular material for egg cartons and comes in a variety of sizes, from containers holding half a dozen to cartons holding several dozen.


Molded plastic is sometimes used to make egg cartons. Plastic cartons generally have a slightly different format than paper or foam cartons; in addition to the molded top with egg spots, they also have an additional top that covers the molded top to further protect the eggs.


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