What Is the Meaning of Black Candles?

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Contrary to myths and folklore, black isn't always associated with the dark arts or dark religious practices. Black, as a color, has both positive and negative meanings, as do all candle colors. Black is associated with power, sophistication and formality, or mystery, evil and fear. Burn a black candle when you need to clear the air. In religion, a burning black candle symbolizes mourning for a passed loved one or friend.


Black Candle Burning

Those who practice magic, read astrology or have spiritual beliefs about candles burn a black candle when they want to clear the air or the home of negativity and evil. People believe burning the black candle neutralizes negativity sent from afar -- by those who wish you harm -- and gets rid of it. Many people also use candles as a focal point for meditation. Burning a black candle helps you focus your thoughts to prepare for deep meditation. A lit black candle can help someone experiencing hard times in employment or relationships.


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Candle Color Meanings

In certain spiritual or religious practices, the candle's color has its own meaning, depending upon the religion. People have been burning candles as a spiritual practice for as long as candles have been made. In ancient times -- and still today -- some people believe that a lit candle creates a connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. The flame represents the creative spark, or source. A lit candle also represents the illuminated self. Some religious people choose to honor the passing of a love one by burning a black candle.


Burning Black and White Candles

Since a black candle represents a powerful force, you can make it more powerful by burning it along with a white candle. The color white -- in light – represents all the colors found in the rainbow. As a symbol of purity, burning a white candle is also another way to get rid of negativity. As the white candle smokes, it is said to burn off negativity; when the smoke is gone, so is the negativity. When burned with a black candle, it makes a more powerful statement.


Burning Yellow Candles With Black

To avoid depression when burning a black candle, burn a yellow one alongside it. Yellow candles signify communication, learning and clairvoyance, and they push away negative energies. Yellow also is associated with healing, helps to improve your memory and stimulates your mind. Because depression is a form of negative self-talk or communication, burning a yellow candle while burning a black one can help to prevent depression.


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