Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon?

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Smoked salmon is a nice addition to salads and brunch dishes, but figuring out how to store leftovers can sometimes be confusing. Freezing smoked salmon is the best option.


Much of the smoked salmon sold in supermarkets has been frozen already. The fish responds well to freezing, but follow the general rule of using frozen fish within six months to preserve maximum flavor.


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Flash Freezing

You can lay pieces of smoked salmon on a cookie sheet or other flat surface and freeze the tray. Once all the pieces are individually frozen you can wrap them together for convenience and pull out pieces one by one, avoiding an icy mess.

When to Freeze

Smoked salmon left in the refrigerator should be used within three days. If you think you'll have extra salmon, freeze some of it before it turns.


To defrost frozen smoked salmon, place your reusable bag or plastic pouch in a bowl in the sink and run a steady stream of cold water over the pouch until defrosted. Do not use hot or lukewarm water.



Whether you are working with hot-smoked or cold-smoked salmon, the rules for storage and freezing are the same, although hot-smoked fish has slightly more longevity in the refrigerator.



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