Gift Ideas for 75-Year-Old Women

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Gift Ideas for 75-Year-Old Women

Gifts are a great way of showing that special woman in your life just how much you care. Purchasing gifts for women who are 75 years old can be a tough obstacle. There are certain things that most women of this age are all interested in, but what are those things? Here are some general gift giving ideas for women who are 75 years old.


Personal Care Items

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Women who are 75 years old often enjoy personal care items that have classic scents, such as vanilla, almond, lavender or musk. Some of those items include body wash, shower gel, bubble bath, body spray, body butters and lotions.


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Women of this age enjoy apparel that is comfortable and loose, with subtle patterns and colors. Find out what her favorite color is and purchase a cardigan or sweater for her.


Gift Cards

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Women who are 75 can often be picky when it comes to receiving gifts. By purchasing a gift card you are allowing her to choose her own gift. Good places to get gift cards include craft stores, book shops, beauty stores and the local salon.


Reading Material

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Women of this age enjoy a variety of books such as cookbooks, medical books, religious material and romance novels. You can even purchase a magazine subscription to a publication that deals with her favorite hobby. Calendars with pictures of her favorite place or animal can be thoughtful gifts as well.




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Take her out to dinner. Women at this age often enjoy having the company of others more than anything. Take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant and spend some time with her.



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Women who are 75 may enjoy decorations for their homes. Candles are always a winner. Purchase a modern holder for the candles. Scented candles are even better.


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