Medical Theme Party Ideas

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A medical-themed party is perfect for celebrating someone's graduation from medical or nursing school, as well as a birthday for someone in the medical field.


Find medical-themed invitations with doctor, dentist and nurse logos and cartoons on them on various websites such as and Make your own by designing a fake prescription sheet or doctor's referral on your computer with the party information on it. You can also send a photo of you in medical scrubs.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day


For a doctor- or medical-themed costume party, wear hospital scrubs, hospital gowns or a doctor's white coat. Add medical accessories such as a clipboard, a toy stethoscope, surgery cap and mask, latex gloves, novelty needles, a blood-pressure monitor, a doctor's ID badge and a penlight.



Hang fake X-rays, a vision chart, and dental or medical posters throughout the room to imitate a doctor's office or hospital room. Add fake skeletons and medical toys.


Play a game of Operation, or if the party is full of nursing and medical professionals or students, quiz them on medical topics. Watch medical-themed TV shows such as "Scrubs," "Grey's Anatomy," "ER" and "House."



Serve snacks on hospital trays or medical-themed tableware. Use bedpans as bowls for dips, vegetables and chips. Opt for healthy foods to keep the health and medical theme.


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