Christian Tea Party Ideas

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A Christian tea party provides a lovely setting for fellowship among Christian women, allowing the time and atmosphere for conversation and relationship building. A Christian tea party can also serve as a community outreach program.



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Send out teapot or teacup shaped invitations listing the date, time, location and purpose of the party. Consider including an appropriate Bible verse about friendship or fellowship.


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Decorate the tea party table with a tablecloth, china tea cups and saucers, cloth napkins, and an appropriate religious-themed center piece such flowers or arrangement of candles.



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Along with a variety of tea, serve scones, tea sandwiches, pastries and fruit. Place small china or crystal bowls of various jellies, lemon curd and clotted cream on the table to spread on the scones.



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Prepare a devotion to be read at the tea party, including a Bible verse as well as a meaningful story that relates to the party's purpose.



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Prepare or purchase teapot-shaped cookies, and package these to send home as favors. Attach a small card with a Bible verse and encouraging message to each one.



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