What Is the Meaning of Coral Roses?

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A coral rose can express desire.

When sending roses to a loved one or a friend for any occasion, there are various meanings that can be conveyed and interpreted by the sender and receiver. The warm, bright color of a coral rose can send various positive messages that include desire, pride, passion and happiness.


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History of Giving Flowers

The tradition of giving flowers to convey a meaning goes back to ancient Greece, when the Greeks had legends concerning specific flowers and the gods. In the Victorian age, "floriography," or the language of flowers, began to develop and was popularized through flower "dictionaries" and books. Communicating private feelings through the code of flowers allowed feelings to be expressed that could not be spoken.

Coral Roses

A coral rose is a rose whose color is a peach or pink shade of orange. According to the Rosefile website, this specific color is at the center of the line that separates "warm" from "cool" in rose color terminology. The coral rose was developed near the turn of the 20th century, when florists and rose cultivators attempted to produce orange roses from wild yellow and red roses.



According to the Pro-Flowers website, a leading distributor of roses, coral or orange roses rival the red rose when it comes to sending messages of romance and passion. Since there is a high correlation between fire and orange, the coral rose can send messages of heat and burning desire. The sense of brightness, warmth and enthusiasm of a coral rose can brighten moods and send radiant energy to its receiver.

Friendship to Love

Since the colors of the coral rose are a literal mixture of yellow, which stands for friendship, and red, which stands for love, the coral rose can also convey the desire to move from friendship to romance. A sender of a coral rose may consider that the flower can be a symbol to bridge the gap between friendship and love and the burning passion behind wanting someone who is not quite a lover yet.



Since the language of flowers isn't as popular or as well-known as it was in the Victorian age, it may be wise to add a card or tag to the bouquet or a coral rose with a special message. A personalized card can clarify the "coded" message of the flowers.