What Is Fusible Fleece?

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Fusible fleece is a stabilizer that can be adhered to any fabric, wood, or cardboard to add loft to fabrics, softness and thickness. This material is typically made of polyester and features heat-activated adhesive bumps on either one or both sides. Fusible fleece can add a professional, finished look to many of your sewing projects.


Fusible Fleece Products

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Fusible fleece -- a type of soft interfacing that you can iron-on -- gives structure and support to garments, sewn craft items or even bags to keep them from losing their form.

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Single Sided vs. Double Sided

Fusible fleece comes in both single-sided and double-sided varieties. Single-sided fleece is soft on one side and features adhesive bumps on the other side. This fleece can be ironed onto fabric on only one side. Double-sided fusible fleece has adhesive bumps on both sides and can be sandwiched between two different fabrics and adhered to both.

Packaged or by the Yard

Fusible fleece is available precut and packaged and by the yard. Prepackaged fusible fleece is fine for smaller projects, but if you are taking on a larger sewing project, such as a quilt, purchasing fleece by the yard becomes necessary. The exact dimensions of prepackaged fusible fleece will be printed on the package, as will the directions on how to use the product.


Fleece Colors

Fusible fleece is available in more than one color, but most commonly comes in black and white. Some natural or beige-like colors are also available.

Fleece Thicknesses

Fusible fleece is also available in many different thicknesses, depending upon the needs of the project or pattern. The thicker the fleece, the warmer it is also going to be. Keep this in mind when choosing fusible fleece for quilts and blankets.


Projects that Require Fusible Fleece

Fusible fleece is ironed onto the wrong side of fabrics when making items that need additional padding, loft, or dimension. Once the fleece has been ironed onto the fabric it remains sewing machine safe. Simply sew directly through both the fabric and the fleece as per the directions on the packaging. These are just a few of the projects that utilize fusible fleece:


  • Quilts
  • Cosmetic bags
  • Placemats
  • Pillows
  • Tablet cases
  • Tote bags
  • Table runners


When ironing your fabric to fusible fleece, lift the iron up and press down as opposed to dragging the iron across the fabric.

Fusible Fleece Brands

With many different brands to choose from, fusible fleece is readily available at your local fabric store or through online retailers. Some top brands include Pellon, The Warm Company and Heat'n Bond. Each brand has slightly different instructions on how to use the product. Follow the company-provided instructions for adhering the fusible fleece to your project fabric.