Things That Can Be Made With Paper Clips & Rubber Bands

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Paper clips and rubber bands are plentiful and inexpensive. They are perfect for making crafts and toys. Paper clip and rubber band items are easily accomplished, and can even be made by most children.

Paper Clip Bracelet

Paper clip bracelets are not only simple to make, but fun. Paper clips can be found in multiple colors.


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Measure the circumference of the wrist for which the bracelet is intended. Link the paper clips end to end. Use needle-nose pliers to curl the outside wire of the paper clip into a decorative circle. This may take adult assistance.

Attach a jump ring to each end of the finished bracelet. Use either a circle clasp or a hook and eye clasp to finish the bracelet.

Rubber Band Chain Bracelet

Rubber band chain bracelets are easily made with no tangle hair bands. For this craft, locate a pencil and several hair bands. Wrap the hair band around the pencil so there is a loop on each side. Next, place a hair band through that loop so that there are two additional loops in the hair band. Continue the process until the desired length is reached.


Use a jump ring to finish each end of the bracelet. Attach a hook and eye closure to each end to complete the bracelet.

Rubber Band Fan

A rubber band fan is an easy project to make by any group of children. To make the fan, collect empty thread spools, rubber bands, paper clips and craft sticks.


Hook the paper clip around one end of the rubber band, then push the other end through the open center of the spool. The paper clip will keep the rubber band from pulling though the spool, as well as anchor the rubber band to the spool.

Once the rubber band is completely through the hole, slide a craft stick through the center of the rubber band. Simply twist the craft stick around several times and let go. The fan will twirl until the rubber band is completely unwound.


Bow and Arrow

This is an extremely easy project to create. A large paperclip, a thick rubber band, wire cutters and needle-nose pliers are the only materials needed. To make the bow, use the pliers to straighten the paperclip. Place the rubber band around one end of the paper clip and, with the needle nose pliers, curl the metal around it twice. Repeat the process with the other end of the paper clip.



To make the arrow, straighten a paper clip and cut out the straightest length with wire cutters.

For a more decorative bow, add seed beads up the length of the bow before adding the rubber band. Make sure to leave enough length to curl the end pieces.


Paper Clip Angel

Paper clip angels are a good project to make for Bible class, Christmas time, or Easter. These angels can be decorated in any color or decorated with birthstone colors. Materials needed to make the paper clip angel are one 8mm faceted bead, four 6mm faceted beads, a ribbon rose, and a 12-inch piece of 1/8-inch ribbon. Other supplies include scissors, hot glue and a craft needle.


Unfold the paper clip so that it has a flat bottom base and appears to have two wings. The ends of the paper clip should be at the bottom center of paper clip base.

Tie the ribbon around the center top section of the paper clip. Slide the 8mm bead over the ribbon so that it rests on the top of the paper clip. The paper clip should now look like an angel. Add a small amount of hot glue to secure the bead in place.

Slide two small beads onto each angel wing and hot glue the small rose to the end pieces of the paper clip.


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