Unusual Christmas Tree Lights

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If you think Christmas tree lights are all about red, green, white and gold, guess again. There are numerous options for those wanting to create a unique Christmas tree that will be remembered for years to come.


To create a one-of-a-kind tree, choosing unique Christmas lights is a good place to start. Think outside the box when it comes to shape, color and theme. There are many Christmas light specialty stores that can provide unusual options for your Christmas tree.

Snowman Christmas Lights

Choose snowman-shaped Christmas lights for a whimsical approach to decorating your Christmas tree. These plastic molded lights are white snowmen with all the trimmings: red scarf, red mittens, black top hat and carrot nose.


As with most novelty lights, these lights run ten in a strand, so you may have to buy more than one strand to cover your tree. Snowman lights can be purchased at the Christmas decoration specialty store Bronners.com. This store also has a retail outlet in Frankenmuth, Michigan, so be sure to stop by to see the complete snowman collection if you are in the area.

Pink Flamingo Lights

In warmer climates, there aren't many snowmen around, so pink flamingo Christmas tree lights may be more appropriate. Flamingo lights are a great element for a tropical-themed tree, which could also include seashells and glass fruits. Bronner's sells these lights in strands of ten.


Wine-Themed Lights

Wine enthusiasts may enjoy hanging illuminated grape clusters from ChristmasPeople.com. These grape bunches come in green, purple or red and are ten inches long. A wine lover's tree could also have strands of glittered corks as decorations and miniature wine glasses as ornaments.

Southwestern-Themed Lights

For those who appreciate the Southwest look, there are Christmas tree lights that feature chili peppers and cactus plants. These lights come in ten-foot strands. The chili peppers are bright cherry red and the cactuses are grass green. They are both sold at ChristmasChalet.com.


Farm Theme

Farmers can have a farm-themed Christmas tree complete with pig, cow and tractor Christmas lights. The pigs light up pink, and the cows are black and white. Red tractors come in ten-foot strands. These lights are sold at ChristmasChalet.com.


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