What Is a Krud Kutter?

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Krud Kutter is a line of cleaning products meant to be used on the heavier cleaning jobs that your all purpose cleaner cannot handle. Consumers will purchase Krud Kutter to get rid of grease stains, crayons, markets, glue, graffiti and more. There are numerous types of Krud Kutter and the kind that you purchase will depend on the stain you need to remove.



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Krud Kutter is manufactured by the Supreme Chemicals of Georgia; the company has been in business for more than 25 years. Supreme Chemicals services many of the world's largest corporations with Krud Kutter cleaning products. Clients include Ford, GM, Disney World, Six Flags Theme Parks and Carnival Cruise Lines. In 2005, it won the "Reader's Digest" award for "Best Cleaning Product."

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There is the original-formula Krud Kutter, as well as stain-specific types available. The original formula may be applied to remove adhesive material, oil, paint, tree sap, wax and crayons. Other specialty Krud Kutter formula types include automotive, oven cleaner, concrete cleaner, mold, rust, wallpaper and red clay. Krud Kutter is available in the following sizes: 4 oz., 32 oz., 1 gallon, 5 gallon and a 55-gallon drum.



Krud Kutter may be used for heavy duty or surface cleaning. To surface clean, simply spray the area, wait a minute for the ingredients to penetrate and wipe away with a clean, dry washcloth. For a difficult job, such as glue or paint removal, spray the area and then wait a minimum of 5 minutes. Use a scouring brush to remove the stain. Once you are finished, wipe away any debris with a wet towel.



You can't use Krud Kutter on any type of surface. The cleaning product should not be sprayed on varnished surfaces. You will also want to avoid using Krud Kutter on any suede or leather products.



There are health hazards related to Krud Kutter cleaning products. Keep away from the eyes since it can cause major irritation. Don't spray it on your skin either, since you can develop a rash at the site if you are sensitive to the ingredients. You should also spray Krud Kutter in well-ventilated areas to avoid inhalation hazards.



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