The History of the Twix Candy Bar

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While browsing through the candy aisle, you come across the classics like Hershey's, Butterfinger, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way and Twix. Until recently Twix was an uncommon name across the world, but now in many countries you can find this delicious combination of cookie caramel, and chocolate at candy stores everywhere. The history of the Twix bar will not only educate you, but it will make you want one before the article is even finished.



The Twix was first released in the United Kingdom. Before it came to the United States, Twix was named the "Raider" candy bar. This name was used all throughout Europe until 1991 when the Mars Co. did a complete overhaul and used the Twix name all over the world. The new name stuck as sales increased for this popular candy bar.


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United States

In 1979, the Twix bar was officially released in the United States. The United States never used the name "Raider" and Twix has always stuck. The biggest highlight that made the candy so popular was the two Twix bars as opposed to one. Consumers thought they were getting more and enjoyed this creation. In 1995, the Twix bar received a popular spin-off known as Twix ice cream. Twix ice cream can still be found in grocery stores today.



Throughout its long history, the Twix bar has gone through many limited editions and spin-offs of the original creation. In 1990 the Cookies and Cream Twix replaced the caramel with cookies and cream. In 1991 the Triple Chocolate Twix featured chocolate in the caramel and the cookie as well as the outer coatings. Hungry eaters have enjoyed the King Size Twix since 1994, which features four Twix bars instead of two. One of the newest Twix bars is the Twix Java, a coffee-flavored Twix creation.


Peanut Butter Twix

One of the most popular Twix spin-offs is almost in a candy category of its own. The Peanut Butter Twix was originally released in 1983, only four years after the first Twix bar. The popularity quickly caught on and the Twix Peanut Butter bar was manufactured until 1997 when it was taken out of production. The bar was brought back three years later and still sells today along with the Twix PB, a peanut butter bar with a chocolate cookie instead of a vanilla one.



Twix has gone through some memorable ad campaigns throughout the years. Old Twix jingles used to air in the UK that talked about the great mix of tea with Twix. The United States took a different approach to the ads, with a emphasis on the catchphrase "Two for me, none for you." The ingredients were highlighted with "It's all in the mix," and one of the oldest Twix ad slogans is "Chew it over with Twix".