Quirky Cross-Stitch Patterns for the Unconventional Crafter

Craft something silly and sweet with our roundup of nontraditional cross-stitch patterns from Etsy creators.

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Image Credit: Etsy/NikkiPattern and NeedleMinderLair

Whether you're a brand-new cross-stitcher or an expert crafter, you know that selecting a fresh pattern is one of the most joyful parts of the cross-stitching process. And while there's pride to be found in creating your own original patterns, nothing beats the delight of uncovering a funny, inspiring or just downright beautiful premade pattern.


With this in mind, we've scoured the DIY side of Etsy to round up 10 unconventional, utterly fun cross-stitch kits and patterns for your consideration. From baguettes to banjo-playing possums, there's a cross-stitch kit on the list to suit just about every crafting style and experience level.

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Video of the Day

Ready to get crafting? Gather your thread and check out our favorite cute, quirky cross-stitch patterns from Etsy creators.

1. Happy ramen cross-stitch

It's pretty easy to love ramen noodles. If you like your food with a dash of cuteness, this cartoonish ramen cross-stitch pattern deserves a place in your home decor scheme! Etsy seller NeedleMinderLair offers a design that resembles a bowl of ramen complete with smiling toppings and plenty of color. Anyone else craving ramen now?


2. Outer space frog cross-stitch

Admit it. You absolutely ‌need‌ this outer space frog cross-stitch pattern from Etsy seller TheNerdyPixeler. Everything about this colorful design is downright happy and vibrant, from the frog's smiling face to the star-adorned spaceship that fits perfectly within the bounds of an embroidery hoop. We'd explore space with this little guy any day!


What is aida cloth?

You'll see the term "aida cloth" come up a lot when you start looking at cross-stitch kit descriptions. Aida fabric is commonly used for this kind of project because it has a mesh pattern that acts as a guide, helping crafters create perfect square cross-stitches. A piece of 14-count aida fabric allows 14 stitches per inch. The higher the count, the smaller your stitches will be!

3. Banjo possum cross -stitch

We're all about out-of-the-box cross-stitch patterns—and this weirdly adorable possum design from Etsy creator MamaWitchCrossStitch definitely fits the bill. Just look at that sassy possum with his hat and banjo! We can almost hear the dulcet tones of his woodland song as we admire this quirky pattern.



4. Botanical cross-stitch

Take a break from more popular floral designs with a botanical-inspired cross-stitch kit (not just a pattern) from TheStitchMill, which allows crafters to create a garden that they never have to water! Because the pattern is composed of individual small plants, this is an easy project to pick up and put down. Select a smaller plant design to tackle when you only have a few minutes to craft and opt for a more complicated plant when time allows. The results are green and gorgeous!


What's the difference between cross-stitch, needlepoint & embroidery?

We know, we know. All these different crafting techniques can be confusing! Here's the breakdown to help you determine which projects and tutorials you prefer:

Cross-stitch‌ and‌ needlepoint‌ are both types of hand embroidery. Cross-stitch is traditionally completed using X-shaped stitches to create designs on fabric, whereas needlepoint uses more stitch types, and designs often cover the base surface material. Stiffer fabrics and thicker threads, even yarn, may be used for needlepoint.

Today, ‌"embroidery"‌ is often used to describe projects that are completed using free-handed stitches on tightly woven material, like linen. If you want to try hand embroidery, consider an embroidery kit with stamped fabric that allows you to practice and master basic stitches. Beginners' needlepoint kits are also a great option to further your crafting experience. (Psst! Etsy is an equally great source for quirky embroidery patterns too!)

5. Taylor Swift cross-stitch

Whether you're a self-declared Swiftie or you're seeking the perfect gift for your Taylor Swift-loving best friend or co-worker, this enchanting Taylor Swift cross-stitch pattern from pandostitch on Etsy is a surefire hit. The pattern, available via a cross-stitch PDF download, features the likeness of Taylor in her now-iconic ‌Speak Now‌ dress from the Eras Tour. ‌Long live‌ your love of crafting (if you know, you know)!


6. Fresh veggies cross-stitch

A cute group of assorted vegetable cross-stitch patterns makes a wonderful option for gardeners, foodies or just about anyone who admires fresh fare and cute crafts. Etsy seller ElksAndCrafts provides four straightforward vegetable patterns just waiting to be stitched: a tomato, a stalk of broccoli, an eggplant and a red bell pepper. Adorable!



7. Honey bee cross-stitch

Have you heard the buzz? We're all doing our part to save the bees! Completing a honey bee cross-stitch kit from the WistfulBird Etsy shop offers a beautiful way to express your adoration for these winged wonders. If you're new to cross-stitch, don't let the all-over yellow stitching intimidate you—the entire piece is only 4 in. wide.


Make an error while stitching? Don’t panic! Check out our tips for correcting mistakes in a counted cross-stitch pattern and get back on track quickly.

8. Bread cross-stitch

Make sure you have some good bread in the kitchen before you start working on this bread cross-stitch kit from Etsy seller TheStrandedStitch. As you create croissants and baguettes from thread, you're going to need sustenance in the form of real croissants and baguettes. Trust us. Follow-up your bread craft with a look at our list of fun French bread-themed items!

9. Silly goose cross-stitch

Here's one for the silly goose in your life...even if that silly goose is you! This 4-in. cross-stitch kit from Etsy seller WereHoopedDesign is more than just a design—it comes with a hoop, printed pattern, aida cloth, thread, needle and detailed instructions. If you're a newcomer, this is a great option to help you build confidence and create a piece suited for a silly goose (we consider that a compliment)!


10. Abstract tooth cross-stitch

Yes, you read that correctly: This utterly unusual modern cross-stitch design from NikkiPattern on Etsy features an anatomical tooth pattern in all sorts of vibrant, eye-catching colors. What sets this piece apart, however, is that it's abstract and artistic enough to brighten any space without making visitors wonder why you have, well, a ‌tooth‌ on your wall. Bonus points if you gift the completed design to your dentist!

Whether you're looking for new wall art to match your sense of humor or seeking a great gift for the cross-stitch lover in your life, we hope these adorable and funny cross-stitch patterns provide a solid starting point.

Can’t get enough of these unique designs? Check out our previous sampler of snarky, sassy and sarcastic cross-stitch designs for more amusing craft ideas.


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