Add Charm to Your Landscaping With a Garden Arch

From metal arbors to arches with planter boxes, here are 7 garden arches that are sure to add charm to your yard.

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Adding a garden arch, also known as an arbor, gives your landscaping an instant vertical punch. Whether it is used to mark an entryway, create a shady space, or serve as garden decor or party decoration, an arbor takes your outdoor space from meh to marvelous. It's also a showy way to highlight vining plants, like climbing roses, wisteria, or other climbing plants.


Climbing vines covering an arbor, especially those that bloom, are an easy and instant way to draw the eye's attention to the location. Garden arches will enhance your outdoor decor and assist in bringing out your exterior's beauty.

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When shopping for garden arbors, you'll notice a wealth of choices. They come in materials like vinyl, wood, and metal, all in a host of different sizes and styles. For DIYers, you even have the option of learning how to make a garden arch, perhaps out of wire or a wooden pallet.

Ahead, we cover some important considerations to help you make an informed choice when purchasing an arbor. Additionally, we cover some of the best garden arches and their key features.

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Consider Garden Arch Size

Consider the size of the area where the arbor will be used. It goes to reason that a larger arch will look better in a large space, and a smaller arch will look more appropriate in a small space. Installing the correct-size arbor means it will seamlessly meld into the surrounding landscape. Pay attention to its height, as you want enough clearance for someone to walk under it without getting hit by the branches of the vining plants.



For added depth, consider installing two arbors together.

Consider Garden Arch Materials

Wood, metal, and vinyl are common materials used to make garden arches. These materials are known for their weather-resistance, structural integrity, and visual appeal.

Wood arbors have a classic and timeless charm, blending in well with the natural environment and exuding rustic warmth. Research the wood type it's made of so you are familiar with how well it will stand up to your local weather conditions and how to maintain its looks.




Common wood species used for arbors include teak, cedar, and fir.

Vinyl arbors are great at standing up to what Mother Nature throws at them. Unlike wood, it won't splinter or fade. You can even find some vinyl arbors that resemble real wood. Metal arbors can also endure the outdoor elements and usually have a sleek and simple design that won't overpower the space. They are great when used as a garden arch trellis to showcase a vining plant.


Consider Garden Arch Function

Garden arches are typically used as an entryway from one space to another. For example, it's a welcoming gateway leading from the front yard to the back. You can use the arbor to define an entryway to any space. Using an arbor with a bench adds interest to a specific location and offers a spot to relax in nature. You can also use an arbor to frame a specific area where there's a desired focal point, like a pond, fountain, or spectacular view. You can even purchase arbors with attached garden gates and planter boxes on their sides. Arches are great for drawing the eye's attention to any location in the landscape or just making an area look better.


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The Best Overall Garden Arch

VITA Livingston Arbor

Whether you're seeking to add to party decorations or desire an arbor for climbing plants, this PVC vinyl arbor is sure to bring some style to your outdoor space. It stands over 7 feet tall, so it's big enough to act as a garden arch trellis to house your vining plants with room to walk underneath.


The lattice sides offer an easy way for plants to crawl up the arbor's sides. The elegant and sturdy white arbor is made from durable PVC that will last for years. The material is weather-resistant, and there's no maintenance to keep it looking good other than an occasional hosing off with water. This arbor will add a striking focal point and give sophistication to an entryway. It's also elegant enough to use for a wedding.



The Best Budget Garden Arch

1. GO Steel Garden Arch

If you don't want to spend a fortune on an arbor and want something basic but sturdy, this steel garden arch from Amazon is a good choice. It allows you to adjust the height and width to perfectly fit your garden or event venue. The arbor is suitable for growing vining plants or filling with decor for an outdoor event.

At 7.6 feet tall and 4.4 feet wide, it's wide enough for two people to walk under the arbor together, and it's tall enough that branches won't hit you in the head as you pass through it. The steel tubing is durable and covered in weather-resistant black epoxy. The entire arbor only weighs 9.2 pounds. It's easy to assemble and sturdy once the legs are inserted into the ground.

The Best Garden Arch and Bench

Outsunny Garden Bench Arbor

For a showy wooden arbor that combines a flat pergola top, trellis sides, and a large bench, this garden arbor from Outsunny hits the mark. It's made from solid fir wood that's been treated with a waterproofing varnish to bring out the wood's natural beauty and ensure weather resistance.

The bench holds up to 528 pounds and is 5.25 feet wide, providing enough room for two to three people. It stands 6.5 feet tall, so there's no worry about being attacked by vegetation when you sit down.

The trelliswork on the sides leads up to the pergola top, making the entire arbor a showpiece in the landscape. Whether you want to grow plants up the sides and top or string the trellises with holiday lights or other decorations, this arbor/bench is bound to be an attractive addition to your garden.

The Best Metal Garden Arch

Furndoor Metal Garden Arch Trellis

This arbor from Furndoor is as ornate as it is durable, featuring gothic scrollwork on the side panels and steel construction. It will serve as the perfect backdrop for your climbing plants or an outdoor celebration.


The arch stands 7.2 feet tall with a width of 3.9 feet, so it's big enough for someone to comfortably walk under it without being hit by vining plant branches. It's designed with flat metal, making it easier for climbing vines to attach themselves to the arbor's sides and an arched top. With its beautiful design, this garden arch is sure to welcome everyone into your garden space!

The Best Garden Arch With Planter Boxes

Outsunny Garden Arbor With Double Doors and Two Side Planter Baskets

For a garden arbor that offers a bit more, you won't be disappointed with this one from Outsunny, as it also offers two side planter boxes as well as a functioning garden gate (it even locks!) attached to the unit. This arbor is bound to add a bit of style to your garden and give your vining plants ample space to climb.

The arbor is made of powder-coated metal with intricate detailing and is easy to put together; the only tool you'll need is included. Once assembled, the arch measures 6.5 feet long, 1.6 feet wide and 7.2 feet high. The sturdy and durable arbor makes a welcoming entryway to any garden area.

The Best Wood Garden Arch

Yaheetech Wooden Garden Arch

If you're looking for an impactful wooden arbor that will last for years, this one from Yaheetech might fit your needs. It's made from corrosion-resistant fir wood that's been sanded to prevent splintering and then covered in varnish, making it water-resistant and weatherproof. The arbor has a traditional arched top and then a pergola on top of that with bars along the sides to encourage plants to climb. The wood's natural color will blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

The arbor stands 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide. It's both durable and stable and will definitely grab the eye's attention wherever it is placed in the garden. It will look beautiful with climbing plants or holiday lights strung upon it.

The Best PVC Vinyl Garden Arbor

Dura-Trel White Vinyl PVC Elmwood Arbor

For a gorgeous hardscape addition to your garden, this vinyl arbor with a flat pergolalike top will fulfill your desires. The Asian-inspired arbor comes in a white or mocha finish and is made from PVC vinyl that's been treated with a UV stabilizer preventing cracking, rotting, or fading so that it will last for years. The unit comes with a 20-year warranty.

The straight and slim bars along the sides and top make the arch a good choice for use with climbing vines, like roses or wisteria. It stands 6.5 feet tall, has a width of 3.5 feet, and comes with ground anchors to secure it in place.