The Best Deli Sandwiches on TikTok (Yes, Including Bella Hadid's!)

We rounded up some of our favorite social-media-famous sandwiches. Warning: you're about to get very, very hungry.

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Celebrities: They love sandwiches just like us! This is especially true for model Bella Hadid, whose now-famous TikTok sandwich recipe has left mouths watering and stomachs growling throughout the social media sphere. Bella's creation is not your average homemade sandwich—it involves making both a sauce ‌and‌ a flavorful aioli. In case you missed her post, we'll go over all the (literally) juicy details. If you're still feeling hungry, we found two other viral deli sandwich videos that will inspire you to up your sandwich skills.


Both Owen Han (whose tasty creation we'll highlight below) and Bella Hadid's deli sandwich recipes will leave you with a hankering for a hoagie!
Image Credit: @babybella777/TikTok and @owen.han/TikTok

Video of the Day

Bella's homemade condiment game is what we're most obsessed with. Bella (aka @babybella777 on TikTok) starts off her video by making a delicious-looking sauce with olive oil, balsamic glaze, salt, dried oregano, chili flakes, pepper and dried basil. Next, she creates a basil aioli out of what looks like mayonnaise, basil, garlic cloves, salt and mustard. Like a lot of people, we are most intrigued by her pepperoncini tip: After chopping them up, she presses them into the bread, which she says helps them stick. This smart step also infuses the bread with some pepperoncini flavor.


The last shot of her finished sandwich is truly mouthwatering. Looks like Bella can add "home chef" to her already-impressive résumé!

Spoiler alert: This next recipe moves beyond traditional heating methods and incorporates a literal blowtorch. With a whopping 47.9 million views, @owen.han's viral deli sandwich video is a masterclass in both ASMR and salami sandwich-making. Owen's crunchy meal is perfected with toasted bread and torched (we weren't kidding about that blowtorch!) meat and cheese.


One of our favorite takeaways from Owen's video is the sautéed garlic and thyme blended together with sun-dried tomato and olive oil. Talk about a topping! We're definitely going to use our mortar and pestle on some fresh basil the next time we make a sandwich. (We might skip the torch, though.)


Finally, @cookinwithchanel's grinder sandwich has us (and 10.7 million other people) drooling. If you're not familiar with the term "grinder," it's a regional moniker—many New Englanders use the word to describe sandwiches with hot fillings, while "subs" typically contain cold ingredients. Chanel stays true to this definition by popping her sandwich's meat in the oven before digging in.


Her use of premixed garlic aioli, submarine dressing and Italian dressing is a fantastic idea for adding robust flavor to a homemade sandwich in a hurry. Who says you can't pack a punch in a pinch?

Thanks for the sandwich inspiration, Bella, Owen and Chanel!


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