Indoor Lighting Ideas That Add Holiday Sparkle

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Christmas lights on the outside of your house aren't the only lights that can brighten up your holiday decor, although Clark Griswold would probably disagree. The right holiday lighting can add some magic to your indoor space, and it can go way beyond traditional Christmas tree lights or classic Christmas string lights.


Lighting options that can add some festive ambiance to your home range from LED string lights to window decor to strip lights to pre-lit Christmas decorations or garlands. While most holiday lighting will complement your existing Christmas decor, and probably get put away when the holiday decorations come down, there are some options that aren't specific to any holiday and can stay up year-round.

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There certainly isn't a lack of lighting options to choose from on the internet, which is why we rounded up our favorites for this holiday season to make your search easier. Check out our top picks of the best indoor holiday lighting ideas of 2022.

1. Pottery Barn Light Up Rustic Leaf Tree

$79.00 - $129.00 at Pottery Barn


Set the holiday mood by adding one or two of these rustic Christmas tree decorations to your coffee table, mantel or another display area in your home. Made of hand-assembled leaves, wooden beads and lights, the trees can take the place of a full-size Christmas tree if one won't fit in your home, or they can just spruce up your holiday decor. The trees come in two sizes: 16.5 inches (small) and 24.5 inches (medium).


2. The Holiday Aisle Star String Lights

$24.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond


$29.99 at Wayfair

Create your own winter wonderland inside your home with these colorful snowflake string lights. These LED string lights can be hung in many different types of ways—from the ceiling, on a staircase railing, on furniture or outside on a fence. Each plug-in set is 11.5 feet long and can connect to up to 10 sets. The twinkly lights can add sparkle to your home decor but can also bring a holiday party to life. If multicolor lights aren't your thing, you also have the option to buy warm white or cool white LED lights.



3. Pxbniuya Hanging Sphere Lights

$15.97 - $78.99 at Amazon


Whether you're decorating for Christmas, New Year's, or just for a daily warm glow in your backyard or inside your home, these hanging sphere lights will definitely add some shine. An included remote control lets you turn the string lights on or off and choose your preferred mode. The light sets come in various package sizes with the option for solar power when they're being used outdoors.


4. Pottery Barn Light Up LED Fairy Tree

$99.00 - $229.00 at Pottery Barn

This stunning fairy tree featuring warm white LED lights casts a gentle glow. It complements the rest of your holiday decor while also being a pretty addition to a child's room or a room that could use a little extra Christmas magic. Made of wire with a metallic covering that is finished in gold, the tree is safe to use indoors or outdoors in covered areas. The fairy tree is available in five heights: 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet and 7 feet.

5. Anthropologie Pre-Lit LED Brush Tree

$22.00 - $28.00 at Anthropologie


Not only will these adorable bottle brush trees add some ambient lighting to your room, but they'll also bring a modern, fairytale feel that'll make you wish they were life-size. Warm white LED lights make the trees glow and the wooden stands add stability and a vintage look. The trees come in three sizes, so you can buy one, two or all three of them to create your own holiday scene.

6. The Peanutshell Farmhouse Twinkle Lights

$10.99 at Amazon

$10.99 at Target

While this LED twinkle star garland is a great addition to your holiday decor, it can also be used year-round in your baby's nursery, child's playroom or anywhere you see fit. Designed for indoor use, these rope lights shine bright with the help of metallic cutout stars. The string of lights touts LED bulbs and runs on batteries, so you don't have to worry about plugging them in.

7. AceList LED Disco Ball String Lights

$38.99 at Amazon

Is it even a party if you don't have mini disco ball string lights? The answer is obviously yes, but mini disco balls certainly add to the fun. These indoor lights are battery-operated or charged via USB and can be hung anywhere without needing to deal with extension cords. They can be strung around a Christmas tree or hung from a ceiling or on a wall. Choose from 20 or 50 LED disco balls in multicolor or warm white.


8. Dstana Christmas Projector Night Light

$27.99 at Amazon

Your kids will love turning off the lights and projecting Christmas scenes onto their ceilings and walls. This Christmas projector features nine lighting effects in three themes: Christmas, animals or simple warm light. You can set a timer from 5 to 99 minutes, so your kiddos can get sleepy while watching the lights without you sneaking into their rooms to turn the projector off.

9. LampLust White Berry Garland with Lights

$59.99 at Amazon

$59.99 at Walmart

This unique white berry garland pulls double duty as a decorative Christmas garland and an ambient light source during the holidays or all year long. The 6-foot indoor Christmas lights can be placed on a mantel or on a dining room table as a centerpiece for your holiday meal. The garland has a 6-hour timer that'll turn it on and off at the same time each day or night.

10. Xinkaite Fairy Mini Christmas Lights

$6.39 - $14.39 at Amazon


Warm white lights can really set the holiday mood, especially when they're used in a unique way. These mini lights come as string lights and are more of a DIY project. The mini string lights are designed to be placed in Mason jars or other jars or vases, and they're safe for outdoor use. Choose from nine colors and four size options.

11. Zavjyet Smart LED Strip Lights

$14.99 - $17.95 at Amazon

There's a lot you can do with smart LED strip lights. In fact, you can set these lights up for the holidays and leave them up throughout the year. Via the connected app or remote control, you can change the colors for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and beyond. The color-changing Christmas lights have a timer and can be programmed to automatically change with the rhythm of music—whether that's Christmas carols or something a little more mainstream. The strip lights are available in two lengths: 65 feet or 100 feet.

12. VP Home Christmas Snowman Holiday Light

$27.99 at Walmart

$27.99 at Amazon

This little light-up snowman will bring the holiday cheer because he's adorable and promises hot cocoa (and hot cocoa makes everything better). This indoor figurine measures 13.5 inches high, 6 inches wide and 5 inches deep, and can be placed on a 6-hour timer.

13. HappyPlywood Wooden Christmas Village

$49.99 at Etsy

Handmade out of plywood, this wooden light-up Christmas village is a unique addition to your Christmas decor. It consists of three pieces, which is a lot fewer than the classic Christmas village you may have grown up with. In other words, it's a lot more manageable than a village with lots of little pieces. Choose from five Christmas scenes: The Winter's Tale, Nativity, Waiting for Santa, Christmas Town and The Nutcracker.

14. Mohop Tea Light Tree Decoration

$38.00 - $50.00 at Etsy

They might look like holiday party hats, but they're actually tea light tree lanterns ready to adorn and brighten your tables. Made of metallic and iridescent faux leathers, the trees are stackable and can be folded for easy storage. They come as a set of three in small, medium and large.