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If you're like us, you start daydreaming about pulling out your Christmas tree from storage the second the leaves start to change color. Well, we have some good news for you. It's not the holiday season just yet, but you can still unveil your Christmas tree early thanks to a fun trend that's all over social media: Halloween trees.


From jack-o'-lantern tree toppers to golden skulls, the options for decorating your Halloween Christmas tree are endless!
Image Credit: @spookypumpkinqueen/TikTok and @jennaloveschristmas/TikTok

Video of the Day

That's right—Christmas trees but with a decidedly Halloween spin. Instead of green branches, Halloween trees are typically spray painted black and are decorated with pumpkins and other Halloween treats. Wondering how to create a Halloween tree for yourself? These two trending videos on TikTok teach you tips and tricks for turning your Christmas tree into a more haunting Halloween tree, whether you're hosting a Halloween party and need party decor, you want to step up your Halloween decorations this year or you simply want to get more use out of your Christmas tree.


TikTok user @spookypumpkinqueen posted a video of their black Halloween tree setup in their living room, and the combination of jack-o'-lanterns, tree lights and orange and white ribbon is the Halloween Christmas tree trend at its finest. And who better to learn from than someone with the handle @spookypumpkinqueen? Personally, we particularly love the oversize Halloween ornaments and the jack-o'-lantern tree topper. The tree pairs perfectly with their other Halloween-theme home decor too. (Hello, cute Halloween blankets!)


Another take on the trend comes from TikTok user @jennaloveschristmas. Using what appears to be another pre-lit artificial tree, this creator combined Halloween tree decorations, like florals, sticks, sparkly ornaments and skulls, to complete their DIY black Halloween tree masterpiece. The incredible amount of holiday decorations loaded on one tree creates a maximalist, show-stopping sight.


And @jennaloveschristmas came up with a genius hack: tree shelves. By cutting a wooden circle in half, painting it black and adding a shelf bracket that is then zip-tied to the tree trunk, this creator invented a way to add decor that can't be hung, like battery-operated faux candles.



Want to turn your regular Christmas tree into a black Christmas tree for Halloween? Use our handy guide to spray painting Christmas trees!

Maybe you're looking for a way to get more use out of your Christmas decor, or maybe you have more outdoor Halloween decorations than you know what to do with. Or maybe you've always wanted an excuse to get a black Christmas tree or spray paint one. Whatever the reason, this is your sign to buy some black tinsel, string some orange lights and spiderwebs and create the haunting Halloween tree of your nightmares!


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