10 Viral TikTok Food Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

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TikTok became a cultural phenomenon practically overnight. While it's made headlines for the dances and funny memes that its users post, some of TikTok's most popular posts are all about food. Want to master the art of cutting a mango, or grow new food from the scraps of your old food? TikTok's the place to go to learn something new about food in 60 seconds or less.


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1. Making Watermelon Logs

Are you someone who feels that the way your food is cut changes the way it tastes? If so, you've got to try cutting your juicy summer melon into perfect discs. This hack for cutting up watermelon uses an empty Pringles can to remove the core of the melon, which can then easily be sliced. Just make sure your Pringles can is completely clean first; sour cream and onion watermelon isn't for everyone.

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2. Making Orange Peeling Easier

It's one of life's little disappointments. You spend five minutes painstakingly trimming the peel from an orange... only to discover the fruit itself is mealy or dry. Next time, get rid of that peel quickly without sacrificing any fruit or getting any pith wedged beneath your fingernails. This easy trick for peeling an orange is as simple as making a few strategically placed cuts with a knife.


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3. Regrowing Green Onions

Green onions (or scallions) pack a serious flavor punch, so they're a useful kitchen staple. Once you've paid for one bunch, it's surprisingly easy to grow the next batch yourself for free, as one viral TikTok has demonstrated. Simply save the roots and place them in a container of water, roots down, until new stalks grow out of the tops.


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4. Juicing a Lemon

If you have even a tiny paper cut on your hand, juicing a lemon will certainly alert you to its presence. The common ways of juicing citrus tend to leave your hands covered in tart, sugary juice. This method for juicing a lemon keeps your hands from getting sticky, and eliminates the need to slice into the lemon at all. The key to making it work is to roll the lemon vigorously first before creating a hole in one end.



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5. Separating Egg Yolks

Okay, this hack for separating eggs isn't exactly new, but plenty of TikTok users have now discovered it for the first time. You need this method if you struggle to separate an egg without breaking the yolk or getting shell in the egg white. Simply crack a whole egg into a shallow dish and use a clean, empty water bottle to suck up the yolk. If you're lucky, the yolk will stay intact until you squeeze it out into a different container.


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6. Cut Cakes in Equal Pieces

Your frosted cake looks perfect, until everyone starts hacking off slices and crumbs go everywhere. Professional bakers know that using a string or piece of unflavored floss is the best way to cut cakes, and now TikTok users have learned the same thing. Slicing cake this way also allows you to quickly divide it into pieces of equal size, no knives required.


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7. Make Dalgona "Whipped" Coffee Quickly

Dalgona coffee, also called whipped coffee, is one of the top food trends to emerge in the last few years. This frothy coffee foam is served over cold milk for an incredibly satisfying icy drink. Whipping the foam by hand can be tough, though. One popular TikTok showed Dalgona fans an even easier way to make this whipped treat with less hand pain and fewer dirty dishes.



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8. Make a New Egg Sandwich

There's no wrong way to make an egg sandwich, really. But when the bread is added early in the cooking process, it infuses the bread with eggy flavor. This viral hack introduced viewers to a new way to make this classic breakfast sandwich. If you love French toast, this method will certainly appeal.

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9. Cut Mango With a Glass

Could using a drinking glass change the way you cut mango forever? If you've ever sworn off this fruit entirely because cutting it up is too hard, this hack is worth a try. The key is using mangoes that are ripe and ready for peeling.

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10. Make McNuggets at Home

It doesn't matter how many upscale chicken dishes you've tried; if you love chicken McNuggets, nothing will take their place. That doesn't mean you have to head to McDonald's every time the craving hits. Now, learning to make your own McNuggets is as easy as watching a quick TikTok. Nugget enthusiasts swear they're almost as good as the real thing.

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