No-Bake Grasshopper Cheesecake Recipe

Grasshopper pie is a classic! Swap the classic Crème de menthe for the easier to source peppermint extract and food coloring, mix up a quick and easy no-bake cheesecake filling, and you have yourself a new twist on an old classic. Perfect for a weeknight treat, or even a dessert for guests.

(Image: Jackie Dodd)

Things You'll Need

  • 25 chocolate sandwich cookies (plus additional for garnish)

  • 6 tablespoons melted butter

  • 16 oz full fat cream cheese

  • 8 oz sour cream

  • 1 cup powdered sugar

  • 1 teaspoon peppermint extract

  • 3-5 drops green food coloring

  • Whipped cream for garnish

(Image: Jackie Dodd)

Step 1: Crush the Cookies

Add 25 cookies to a food processor (no need to remove the filling), and process until just crumbs.

(Image: Jackie Dodd)

Step 2: Add the Butter

Add the melted butter, and processed until combined.

(Image: Jackie Dodd)

Step 3: Press Into a Pan

Press the crust into a 9-inch spring form pan using a heavy flat bottom glass or measuring cup to press well. Freeze for 30 minutes.

(Image: Jackie Dodd)

Step 4: Beat the Cream Cheese

Add the cream cheese and sour cream to a mixing bowl, then beat until well combined.

(Image: Jackie Dodd)

Step 5: Add the Mint and Coloring

Add the peppermint extract and green food coloring, and beat until well combined.

(Image: Jackie Dodd)

Step 6: Add the sugar

Add the powdered sugar, beating until well combined.

(Image: Jackie Dodd)

Step 7: Add Filling to the Crust

Spread the filling into the crust in an even layer. Chill for at least 3 hours and up to a few days.

(Image: Jackie Dodd)

Step 8: Decorate & Enjoy

Decorate with desired amount of whipped cream and crushed cookies. Chill until ready to serve.

(Image: Jackie Dodd)
(Image: Jackie Dodd)