6 Ways to Get a Better Night's Sleep

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Having trouble drifting off into dreamland? Well, Americans, you're far from alone: according to the CDC, a full third of U.S. adults get less than the recommended amount of sleep. If you spent last night tossing and turning, we're here to help. From DIY lavender spray to our favorite white noise machine, we offer an exploration of all the ways you can start to optimize your z's.


Add Relaxing Scents

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Something as simple as scent could improve your night's sleep by helping you ease into relaxation mode. Lavender, for example, has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Researchers found that those who sniffed lavender before bed had a deeper sleep and felt more vigorous in the morning. Try lighting a lavender candle or use lavender essential oils in a bedside diffuser.


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Control the Light with Custom Window Shades

A truly dark room is crucial to getting a good night's sleep. Studies show that even low levels of light can affect the quality of your z's. Fortunately, the right window treatments can help change your sleep game for the better. All window treatments provide some level of light control (the amount of light entering a room) between the type of fabric on a shade to the width of slats on a blind. But LEVOLOR® products offer a range of light control options, from light filtering, to room darkening to complete blockout. Another reason to sleep better? Products like Roman, Cellular, and Roller Shades offer a variety of other valuable benefits. For instance, energy-efficient Cellular Shades can help you save you money on your energy bill while any stylish shade can add value as a huge selling feature to potential homebuyers."


All-Weather Linen Bedding Gets Softer with Every Use

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People who make their bed in the morning get a better night's sleep—and your chosen bedding material can also affect sleep quality. Linen sheets are a top choice because linen is breathable fabric and wicks away moisture. Plus, it can keep you comfortable all year long: warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They say the more you use, the softer the linen becomes.



White Noise for the Win

We are all the way here for a natural solution to facilitate a more restful night's sleep, and that's why we are fans of white noise. You can use a white noise machine, an app, or even ask Alexa to play some white noise. It's a simple way to mask background sounds and gives you a more restful, undisturbed sleep. (Also, white noise is a great option for babies, too.)


Worth the Weight

Maybe you've heard: weighted blankets have gone mainstream for their proven ability to help people fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply—no prescription, therapeutic training, or any changes in routine—increasing serotonin and melatonin, the hormones responsible for calming relaxation, while decreasing cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress. So grab a weighted blanket and hunker down for a deep sleep!


DIY Sleep Mask

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Those of you working the graveyard shift are in need of shut-eye at odd hours and by any means necessary at times. Keep a handy, handmade sleep mask ready for when you need a little emergency R&R. Bonus: these custom gems also make for a nice, personal addition to any guest-room night kit. Aren't you a thoughtful host!


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