Cinnamon Toast Crunch Coffee Cake Recipe

This cinnamon toast crunch coffee cake is such a delicious recipe. The soft cake is coated in a crisply golden Cinnamon Toast Crunch streusel and sweetly glazed with a thick drizzle of icing. While baking, the cake releases an incredibly fragrant and heavenly aroma, which only adds to its delicious appeal.

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Things You'll Need

  • 3.5 ounces / 100 grams light brown sugar
  • 3 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 8.8 ounces / 250 grams unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 1.76 ounces / 50 grams Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
  • 16.75 ounces / 475 grams all-purpose flour
  • 11 ounces / 310 grams granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla bean extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract
  • 3 large eggs, at room temperature
  • 7.7 fluid ounces / 230 millilitres sour cream, at room temperature
  • 2.7 fluid ounces / 80 millilitres whole milk,  at room temperature
  • 9.1 ounces / 260 grams powdered sugar, sifted
  • 3 to 4 tablespoons whole milk

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Make the Coffee Cake

Step 1

Pre-heat the oven to 350 Fahrenheit / 180 Celsius. Lightly grease and line a 12 x 8 inch / 30 x 20 cm rectangular baking tin with non-stick parchment paper. Let the paper slightly overhang the sides. Set aside.

Step 2

First, make the Cinnamon Toast Crunch streusel. In a medium sized bowl, whisk together 4.4 ounces / 125 grams of the flour, 3.5 ounces / 100 grams of the light brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Add in 2.6 ounces / 75 grams of the butter. Use your fingers to rub the butter into the dry ingredients until it forms a rough, crumbly mixture. Roughly crush in the cinnamon toast crunch until evenly combined. Set the streusel aside.

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Step 3

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the beater attachment, or using hand-held electric beaters, beat together the butter and sugar on medium-high speed until light and fluffy, about 6 to 7 minutes. Pause mixing to scrape down the bottom and sides of the bowl, as needed.

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Step 4

Meanwhile, in a separate medium-sized mixing bowl, whisk together the remaining flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and salt.

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Step 5

In a separate large pouring jug, whisk together the eggs, vanilla bean extract, almond extract, sour cream and milk, until well combined.

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Step 6

Lower the mixer speed to medium. Add in half the liquid ingredients. Beat, until evenly combined, about 2 more minutes. Add in half the dry ingredients and beat until just incorporated throughout the batter. Beat in the remaining half of the liquid ingredients. Again, beat until evenly combined. Beat in the remaining dry ingredients. Increase the mixer speed to medium-high and beat, for a further 3 minutes, until pale and aerated.

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Step 7

Pour the batter into the prepared baking tin. Then, use a rubber spatula or the back of a metal spoon to smooth down the top. Evenly sprinkle over the Cinnamon Toast Crunch streusel then cover the top of the cake with a layer of aluminum foil, to prevent the top from browning too quickly.

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Bake, for 35 to 45 minutes, or until risen and golden. A skewer inserted into the middle should come out clean. Remove the cake from the oven and let it cool in its tin for 15 minutes, before carefully turning it out and onto a wire rack to cool completely.

Make the Glaze

In a medium sized mixing bowl, whisk together the powdered sugar and heavy cream until very smooth and thick. Then, once the cake is just cool, generously drizzle the glaze over the top.

(Image: Thalia Ho)


Slice, serve and enjoy! The cake is best eaten warm, on the day of making but can be kept for up to 3 days, stored in an air-tight container at room temperature.

(Image: Thalia Ho)
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