Can You Clean Fuel Drums Out?

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Fuel drums are designed to hold gasoline and oil heating fuel for boilers and steam plants. These drums are made of tough, high-grade steel, and to the homeowner with a lawn, garden and barbecue area, they present nearly unlimited opportunities for do-it-yourself projects. Flower drums, barbecue pits, smokers and other projects can be crafted from fuel drums. However, they must be cleaned before use, and this presents a few obstacles.


Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners are used to clean fuel from fuel drums. This is effective because it removes all the waste and sludge, bacteria and other oils that may be left behind in the tank if the fuel has aged or sat for a long time. Methanol and petrol cleaner are two options in cleaning out any drum. The chemical is poured into the drum and spread around by rolling and tilting the drum back and forth until the entire inside area has been coated with the chemical. Repeat this process several times to ensure that the drum is entirely clean. In addition, properly handle and dispose of the used chemical in a hazardous waste container, following your community's laws for hazardous waste disposal. Typically, this involves taking it to your town dump. Industrial tank cleaners and diesel-drum cleaners can also be used in the same way.


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Solid Cleaners

Solid cleaners also can be used to clean a fuel drum. Sand and dirt often are used to soak up lingering fuel, and they can be employed to do the same inside your drum. If you have easy access into the drum, pour the sand into the unit, then coat the inside. Add water to the drum, then remove the sand with a powerful outdoor vacuum. This is an ideal option if the drum is going to be used for tool storage or another use that does not require an excessively clean surface.

Tank Cleaners

Industrial tank cleaners are designed to clean large tanks. For the typical 55-gallon fuel tank, an industrial tank cleaner might not be suitable. For larger fuel drums and tanks, this is an ideal option. Industrial tank cleaners can be inserted inside the drum or tank, using a series of hose applications to clean the interior of the tank with professional results. For this type of service, you will have to contact a professional tank-cleaning company.


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