Can You Put a Ficus Tree Outside in the Summer?

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Your Ficus tree might do very well outdoors during summer, as many of them do. Ficus trees need a lot of sunlight and a fair amount of water, however. So it is important to figure out whether or not you can move your indoor Ficus tree outdoors during the summer months. Consider sunlight, water and temperature.

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Ficus trees love sunlight. In fact, they crave sunlight. So ensure that your Ficus tree has plenty of sunlight. This is easily accomplished outside. Just put it in a place where it can receive full sun for five or six hours each day. Don't put it on a patio that has lots of overhanging trees or another shady location because it won't thrive.


Your Ficus should receive water every three days or so, and its soil should not become completely dry. It is fine for the Ficus tree to be outside in the summer if your area has periods of rain, or if you have a means to water the tree on your own. If you do put it outside in the summer, ensure that it receives water from rain or other means every few days to help it grow to its tallest potential.


Consider the temperature when you think about whether or not to put your Ficus tree outdoors during summer and other times of the year. Ficus trees do well at moderate temperatures, between 50 and 65 degrees F. If your location constantly has very hot temperatures, your Ficus tree will do all right, but it won't reach its full potential. If your area has fairly mild summers, you'll find that your Ficus will do well. Absolutely don't put your Ficus tree outside if you think that the temperature will be cold enough to produce frost or a freeze.


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