How Much to Tip a Party Bus Driver?

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Booking a party bus isn't just a fun-filled way to visit multiple party locations in one night in an upbeat atmosphere, it's also a way to ensure no one in your group drives after drinking. Your party bus driver will likely have to deal with a late night, a boisterous group and even some last-minute schedule changes. Provide a tip to show the driver your appreciation for the evening of partying.


18 to 20 Percent

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Angie's List recommends tipping your party bus driver 18 to 20 percent of the total price, as of 2011. Some companies add a 15 percent tip to the total bill, so confirm this amount before using the bus. When tipping a driver, gauge your tip based on the comfort and safety level of your ride. One limo bus company suggests 20 percent for an outstanding experience and 15 percent for solid service, noting the average is about 18 percent. If you're unsure about the acceptable tipping range, call the party bus line before your night out to ask about usual tip amounts.

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