What Should I Write in a Career Anniversary Card?

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Career longevity can be a hard thing to achieve, so when someone does achieve a successful and relatively long career it's important to recognize the little anniversaries along the way. If you know someone who is celebrating a career anniversary, give them a card with some happy words to help them celebrate their milestone.



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Congratulations is always in order for a career anniversary. Make sure to include this in your card. You could write something like, "Congratulations on your hard work paying off" or "Congratulations on five years at your job."


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Put Some Feeling In It

Put some emotion into your card. Tell them how their accomplishment makes you feel. Say how proud you are of them, or how you're inspired by their hard work. This will show them that their hard work paid off for others as well.



Reflect on their past accomplishments. You could mention all the hard work they did in college, or their career beginnings when they were paying their dues.


Add encouragement to your card or advice. Give tips on how to gain further career achievement, or encouragement on making it to the next milestone.



Jokes always make a card special, so add one to yours to make your friend or loved one laugh on their career anniversary. You could joke about the perks and downfalls of working, or comment on something funny that happened in their career past.



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