Ways to Mist House Plants

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In nature, plants are watered from the top and bottom. House plants, many of which originated in the warm damp tropics, depend primarily on the moisture supplied through the soil for their hydration. Occasionally wetting the leaves with a light mist replicates the natural action of foliar absorption and keeps them free of dust and possibly tiny insects that could damage the plants.


Misting Choices

Include a plant in your bathroom decor, where it will regularly be exposed to steam from the shower or sink. On plants in other rooms, use a spray bottle equipped with a fine misting nozzle, and keep it filled to allow the water to remain at room temperature. Hold the nozzle several inches away from the plant and mist from all angles until the leaves appear wet but not dripping.


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Other Options

Create a naturally humid environment by placing plants on a tray lined with small pebbles and half-filled with water. Or take advantage of moisture in the soil by constructing a loose tent with clear plastic film over a recently watered plant. Cover all parts of the plant with the film, bringing the edges down below the pot rim and secure the film with a rubber band or twine. Cut several slits in the plastic to allow excess moisture to escape. Place the plant away from direct sunlight as it could overheat the steam inside the tent.



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